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Power, Filtration and Electronic Controls: CASAPPA & IKRON

Together we manufacture the main hydraulic system components for applications that range from construction to on-highway vehicles, material handling, agriculture, mining and industry.

In addition to supplying the products in our catalogs, we develop customized solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

Aluminum and cast iron gear pumps and motors, flow dividers, variable displacement piston pumps, electronic controls and filters.

03571580 CASAPPA KP30.43D0-04S5-LED/ED-V(VEN) Гидравлический насос CASAPPA 0357158..
77 600 р.
Bobcat 6909447 Гидравлический насос Casappa 79933225 Гидравлический насос TV/106R/25K/7W ..
145 000 р.
Гидравлический насос CASAPPA KP40.151D0-34S8-LMG/ME-N-CSC CASAPPA Gear pump KP40.151D0-34S8-LMG M..
120 000 р.
Насос CASAPPA KP30.51S1-04S3-LMD/MC-N-CF8-CS Гидронасос Casappa 035702DJ S323470A, H10854..
75 000 р.